Here’s What You’ll Be Entitled To As A Founding Member Of Profit Jewels

A few years ago, we started helping average people like you to start profiting online with our simple and easy-to-follow eCommerce strategies. We have built multiple millionaires and countless 6-figure earners from the ground up. What makes us feel extra accomplished is that our trainings have helped our students made over $36,000,000 online! And now it’s your turn.

This time around it is even better than ever before because we’re revealing a cutting-edge strategy that no one is talking about. This strategy will put you ahead of the game in the eCommerce world, and no, it is not dropshipping nor is it sourcing products from China. You’re literally going to get access to an entire formulated process where you can start profiting online by giving away FREE jewelry with our US-based supplier. No products needed, no investment in inventory and even better, no prior experience is required!

  • Full Training & System - Follow Our Proven Step-By-Step Formula To Start Building A Profitable, Giveaway Jewelry Store (Value: $1,497)
  • Fast-Action Bonus #1: 10 Premium HOT-SELLING Designs Handed To You (Value: $997)
  • Fast-Action Bonus #2: Private Invitation To Our Community Of Success (Value $129)
  • Fast-Action Bonus #3: Profit Jewels Income Checklist ($97)

Total Value: $2,788

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From The Desk Of Michael Shih

5 years ago, I was in the same position like many of you.

I was stuck in the 9 to 5 grind, slaving away to help someone else make money while I was living paycheck to paycheck. I wanted a way out and live the life that I’ve always dreamt of.

I started exploring the opportunities within eCommerce and that became a staple of my life. I was getting results that was unimaginable in a short period of time and I used to think it’s humanly impossible to do so.

But I proved myself wrong. I was able to generate over $1,000,000 in less than a year!

I was able to quit my job, work on my own hours and even bought my dream house!

It even led me to win several awards for achieving over $1,000,000 in less than a year.

I was able to do all this WITHOUT…

  • Creating The Product Myself
  • Purchasing A SINGLE Piece Of Inventory With My Money
  • Worrying About Fulfillment
  • And Relying On Products From China With LONG Delivery Time

All it required was using a simple drag-and-drop website to sell products that don’t even exist until I get paid FIRST. The best part is, ONLY I can sell the product and NO ONE else can.

In fact, I even evolved my formula inside Profit Jewels where instead of selling, you’re giving it away for FREE jewelry and still be able to generate an income online

It may sound like it’s too good to be true...

...but I shared my knowledge with a handful of students and they too had major breakthroughs in their life just like how I did!

You can even see the proof...

My Student’s Success Stories

How My 3-Step Formula Made Me Millions And Paid For My Dream Home

At first, I was like most people who jumped onto the eCommerce bandwagon with dropshipping.

I partnered with a close friend of mine and together we created a dropshipping business. In record time, we were able to generate over 6-figures in sales!

It was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had in my life but at the same time, my worst nightmare happened.

Our best-selling products started to be copied by other people and to make matters worse, my close friend silently stole the money in our business account and it left me almost bankrupt.

At that point, I could’ve given up, but after I got a taste of success, I knew I can bounce back up. However, this time, I decided to move away from dropshipping and tried something new with my store.

I was laser-focussed and worked night and day. The results paid for itself in a short period of time!=

I went from ZERO to $500k within 60 days!

To be exact, it’s $539,697.48!

I knew I was onto something and I looked back at the entire process. I discovered that I followed a 3-Step Formula in the process.

REVEALED: The Proven 3-Step Formula From Zero To $500k In 60 Days

I owe my success and my life to my 3-Step Formula.

In fact, it’s easy and anyone can do it. It requires little to no capital upfront to get started.

There’s hardly any risk involved and there’s zero location barrier.

With my 3-Step Process, you’re essentially selling products that don’t even exist yet!

You collect money from your customer, then the product is made, packed and shipped directly to your customer.


And all this is done within the United States so you get faster shipping and higher-quality product which leads to more happy customers who are willing to continuously come back to buy from you.

The best part is, you can outsource 90% of the work and automate the entire process!

Step #1: Finding HOT Design Ideas

Finding hot-selling design ideas has never been easier before.

I have a specific checklist that I follow to identify what’s hot and what’s not. In fact, I even have multiple FREE ways to quickly find hot selling design ideas that you’ll know if it’ll work or not.

We simply leverage already-winning designs that we just mimic!

Out Scourcing
Step #2: Outsourcing To Inexpensive Designers

We don’t need to be an artist or even know how to draw a stickman to get your designs made. All you need is the concept and idea, and outsource the entire process to a freelancer that’s willing to create it for you for pennies on the dollar!

There are several places that I personally use to find the best designers to create your design without you needing to spend a fortune. Best of all, all these designs will be yours and yours FOREVER!

You just need to write a few sentences and choose the BEST one and you have a design ready to go!

Step #3: Automating 100% Of The Productions

You never need to get your hands dirty or even invest a penny upfront for your product. The minute that your customer buys from you, the product is created, packed and shipped to your customer!

This all happens behind the scene with our secret supplier and it drastically lowers your risk.

In fact, there’s almost no risk for you since you collect the money first from your customers, than you pay to get your products made, packed and shipped to your customer.

The best part is, you only need to setup your product once! You simply “set it and forget it” and our secret supplier will handle the rest for you!

Once you got all these in place, you just need to run simple Facebook Ads with a $5 budget a day - that’s it!

How My 3-Step Formula Changed Lives

Testimonial-1 Testimonial-2
Testimonial-3 Testimonial-4

However, ever since I started teaching my 3-Step Formula, I noticed that for some people who are starting out and are completely brand new to the concept of making an income online - it’s challenging.

After all, selling is not easy for most people. I spent the last several months to find a way to overcome this common challenge that made the majority of people quit eCommerce.

And I finally got it!

Introducing Profit Jewels
No More Selling… Profit By Giving Away FREE Products!

Imagine yourself, no more selling. All you do is simply use my proven 3-Step Formula and give away FREE jewelry to generate an income online.

You can do this all while WITHOUT a penny in inventory or have employees creating the product for you.

This is literally a dream come true and now it’s possible thanks to our secret supplier within the United States!

Here’s how it works:

You simply create your own, custom-designed jewelry to giveaway to your customers which cost you $5.99 with shipping included.

Your customers pay ONLY shipping to receive your FREE giveaway jewelry and they pay anywhere from $9.99 to $12.99.

In this example, let’s say they pay $9.99.

That means for EVERY jewelry you giveaway, you make $4.00 PROFIT!

But what about ads and other expenses? Where’s my REAL profit?

Great question - here’s the truth… don’t profit from the giveaway. You profit from the upsell just like how McDonald’s will always ask you to add fries to your order!

In our case, we add in custom engraving.

People LOVE engraving and companies charge a fortune for putting a special message or name onto their jewelry. And consumers are more than willing to pay for it because it makes the jewelry SPECIAL!

With our secret supplier, you can add custom engraving to your jewelry that you’re giving away.

It’ll cost you an additional $5.00 but you can charge anywhere from $7.95 to $12.95 to engrave whatever your customer wants.

Now, you’ve turned $4.00 profit to a potential $11.95 profit.

We’re not stopping here. You can even have your customer upgrade to a gold-plated finish which you can sell even higher!

The potential profit can go from $4.00 to even $20!

If you do the simple math, you giveaway 500 FREE jewelry a month, you’re already built yourself a 6-figure business, cashing in $9,000 per month!


And right now, you’re going to learn how to do all of this inside Profit Jewels!

In fact, you’re going to get everything you need to get started and profit online by giving away FREE jewelry with my enhanced 3-Step Formula.

#1 - Proven, Step-By-Step System & Training

All our trainings are designed with two outcomes in mind. They’re results-driven and easy-to-follow so regardless of what prior knowledge you have, if you follow our training step-by-step, you’ll see your online store grow at an unprecedented pace.

Inside our Profit Jewels, you will get the complete, step-by-steps on:

  • Finding The HOTTEST Designs To Start Profiting Online
  • How To Hire The BEST & Low-Cost Designers To Design For You
  • The Bullet-Proof Online Store Setup (Step-By-Step & Follow Along)
  • How To Automate Your ENTIRE Production Process & Be Worry-Free
  • Creating Simple Giveaway Facebook Ads - Even If You’re A Beginner
  • Scaling To The Moon And Beyond With Your Jewelry Business
  • And Much More With Over 21 Modules!

We’re confident to say that if you are driven to success, you can start building your online jewelry store as quickly as this week and potentially see your first sale right away!

You will have immediate access to the entire training because we don’t want to hold you back on how quickly you can start building your potential 6-figure online store!

#2 - 10 Premium HOT-SELLING Designs Handed To You

Listen - we want to make this as simple as possible for you!

We even want you to get a head start to quickly start generating your FIRST sale online even if you never made a penny before.

Working with a low-cost, high-quality designer will take some time and it is an important part of the entire process. This is why we’ve asked our premium designers to create 10 ready-to-go designs that you can quickly use to start generating your FIRST sale!


All you need to do is simply download them, upload them to your store and start giving it away while you work on finding your own designer that’s dedicated to you.

We seriously made this dead simple.

There’s zero excuse for you not to get started.

We paid our premium designers $100 per design and right now you’re getting 10 of them which already helped you saved $1,000!

#3 - Private Community Access
To Mastermind & Get Answers FAST

Having step-by-step training is great, but what’s important to us is growing the community.

Our community is designed to house other aspiring eCommerce entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals to help each other build, grow and scale their online store. In fact, we know that at times, you may get stuck on something super simple and needed some additional help.

This is why we created this community where you get help when you need to and when you are stuck!

And right now, we are extending an invitation to you as a Founding Member of Profit Jewels to be part of the community and to grow your online store together!

Our goal is to give you everything you need to get started and remove all the obstacles for you.

Between you and a scalable online jewelry store that can be turned into an income online is just a decision away. A decision to join Profit Jewels for a tiny investment to get started!

Here’s What You’ll Be Entitled To As A Founding Member Of Profit Jewels

  • Full Training & System - Follow Our Proven Step-By-Step Formula To Start Building A Profitable, Giveaway Jewelry Store (Value: $1,497)
  • Fast-Action Bonus #1: 10 Premium HOT-SELLING Designs Handed To You (Value: $997)
  • Fast-Action Bonus #2: Private Invitation To Our Community Of Success (Value $129)
  • Fast-Action Bonus #3: Profit Jewels Income Checklist ($97)

Total Value: $2,788

Get Started Today With Just One-Time Payment Of $297

Let’s Get Started Now And Follow This Step-By-Step Plan To Quickly Profit Online By Giving Away FREE Jewelry!

But, we do have to warn you about these:

  • Your INSTANT $300 DISCOUNT Will Expire!

    We cannot keep this up forever and if you wait on this too long, the next time you come back, the discount might be gone! We don’t want you to regret - join now!

  • Your 10 Premium Designs Will 100% Go Away!

    We don’t want too many people to have access to these 10 designs as it will increase competition. In fact, this alone is already 10x the value of the entire investment you’re making. It’s crazy that we’re offering this, but our goal is to get you your FIRST sale FAST!

  • So, click the button and fill in your information on the next page and join now!

Everything you need to get started to build your first online store and turn it into an online income is waiting for you.

You won’t find this kind of deal elsewhere - GUARANTEED!

We’re even confident that you will make your FIRST sale online even if you never made a penny online before!

You’re getting a complete, step-by-step training, 10 premium designs and even an invitation to our community to help you fast-track to success for just a TINY investment of $129!

There should be ZERO excuse for you not to get started and if you decide to pass on this crazy offer, you’re seriously out of your mind because you will not see this kind of deal again.

So, what are you waiting for?

Click the join now button below and get started!

Here Are The Most Asked Questions - ANSWERED

Question 1: Can I Do This From Anywhere Around The World?

YES! As long as you have access to a computer with an Internet connection, you can start building an online store to create an income for you and your family.

Question 2: This Offer Is Too Good To Be True, Is There A Catch?

It’s saddening to us if you have a glimpse of this in your mind. If you do, it’s okay and we want to give you the honest answer. First of all, we want our Founding Members to start succeeding and record a testimonial for us so we can turn this into a high-ticket coaching program. We plan to sell Profit Jewels in the future at a minimum of $697 after you start getting results that we can brag about. In fact, if you are fully committed, we might hire you to help our future students as a coach! With that being said, this is why we are offering Profit Jewels for such an insane discount right now! There’s absolutely no catch to all this other than our motive which we just explained.

Question 3: Is There Any Future Investment I Need To Make?

If we tell you no, that’s a lie. Just like any other business models, you will need further small investments to get started. Firstly, you will need to create a Shopify account which is inexpensive compared to other options out there. They took care of the website hosting, security and even processing credit cards online so you can have a peace of mind owning an online store even if you never have one before. The other investment you will need to make is running ads. With eCommerce, there’s no set budget or required budget to start. You can start with $5 a day to slowly build your store or go as aggressive as $500 a day if you want to rapidly build your business. The beauty about an online business is that you can start with whatever budget you are comfortable with and still see your business grows each day.

Question 4: Is There A 30-Day Money Back Guarantee?

If you are looking for a refund before you even join, then we kindly ask you not to join. The reason behind this is because of your incorrect mindset. If you are already thinking about a refund before you even start, then you are telling yourself you will fail. This is the problem why most people fail and we don’t want this to be you. What you need to do is start believing in yourself that you can do this and think how a thriving email marketing business can potentially help you pay for whatever you desire and set that as the goal. That said, we do not offer any refunds when you join. After all, you get full access to everything and we need to protect our training for those who value them.

Question 5: Is There A Guarantee To Make Money?

Firstly, we cannot guarantee anything. The results will depend solely on your effort, time and investment you put into your business. However, what we can guarantee is that if you follow our training step by step, you will make your first sale online! So, we’ll leave you to decide, but after all, you’re only investing a tiny investment to get started to get all the benefits we listed as a founding member.

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